Animation - Diffusion Breathing/Visualization:

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Imagine a bubble of Light around you.

Start by breathing to the tones on the CD. As you listen to the Diffusion CD you will hear two base tones playing throughout the CD. These tones are very rhythmic, so you can time your breathing to them. Do not strain to listen to the tones on the CD simply focus on your breathing instead. Try and inhale to the lower tone, and exhale to the higher tone. Always breathe in and out through your nose. By the way, if you fall asleep don't worry about it don't fight to stay awake.

Once you establish the breathing, begin to imagine ELECTRIC GREEN light particles spinning like a disk in a counterclockwise direction and moving up your body as you inhale. As you exhale, imagine ELECTRIC VIOLET light particles spinning like a disk in a clockwise direction and moving down your body.

If you have difficulty visualizing or timing your breath, don't worry about it just inhale and exhale through your nose as comfortably as you can.

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